• Apple led a new generation of tablet computer will become the new favorites? 2016-05-05

    While the major PC manufacturers crazy push netbooks earn a pen, the global most personality and fashion sense of makers, apple is another way, concentrated R & D it thinks will be leading the next generation Internet applications of a new generation of flat panel computer models for iProd. There is news that Apple's plan has been seen in other inter..【MORE】

  • VGA to HDMI converter needs more and more wide 2016-05-05

    VGA to HDMI converter needs more and more wide, the new VGA to HDMI converter. The input VGA analog video signal can be converted into a complete HDMI signal output. If you can display the VGA output through the converter to connect the full HD (1080P) large screen tv. VGA to HDMI converter in the processing of VGA signals, there is a Scaler processing, the ..【MORE】

  • Common VGA interface equipment 2016-03-14

    Common VGA interface equipment: computer graphics, display, VGA matrix, VGA splitter, VGA switch, RGBHV matrix. RGBHV matrix switch, VGA display, VGA acquisition card etc.【MORE】

  • HDMI, high definition multimedia interface 2016-03-14

    HDMI, high definition multimedia interface (in English: high definition multimedia function schematic figure interface) is a kind of digital image and sound transmission interface, which belongs to the digital signal can be used for set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, TV amusement device, expanding machine, digital audio and TV. HDMI can transmit..【MORE】

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