Apple led a new generation of tablet computer will become the new favorites?
Release Time:2016-05-05 10:29:00  Author:

While the major PC manufacturers crazy push netbooks earn a pen, the global most personality and fashion sense of makers, apple is another way, concentrated R & D it thinks will be leading the next generation Internet applications of a new generation of flat panel computer models for iProd. There is news that Apple's plan has been seen in other international big brands in the eyes, it is learned, including HP, Lenovo, DELL and other major manufacturers will launch a new generation of similar tablet PC.

And now we see get tablet is different, a new generation of tablet computer will be completely flat, there is no shaft is not off the screen, it will use a full touch screen operation, also screen and host integration design is like plate straight smart phones. Of course, this type of tablet PC in performance and functionality with the ordinary notebook computer is no two, the same support for Internet and multimedia operations. And compared to an ordinary notebook computer and a new generation of tablet computers will be more stylish, display control within 12 inches, full touch screen with narrow frame design will give people bring to subvert the traditional concept of the new operating experience.

Industry analysts said that similar that Apple's new tablet computer, will likely become a "netbook" within a year or two rapid change red and become the notebook market and even the entire field of it popular niche. And this time is not expected to be too long, it is likely to come in 2010.

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